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Coyotes Donate Gate to Hamilton High Football Program


(ANZA) — Declaring that “all of us are called to lighten the burdens of others, with whatever means we have,” the Palm Springs-based SoCal Coyotes Non-Profit Sports Leadership Organization donated half of its Anza ticket sales to the Hamilton High School football program.

Hamilton head football coach Keith Moorman expressed gratitude as he accepted the team’s donation for half the gate from its 41-0 home-opening victory over the California Tide, where the two-time champion Coyotes also donated all concessions toward the Hamilton High School Senior Class Trip.

(In photo, Coyotes AAA Hall of Fame center Brian ‘Porkchop’ Gollnick and quarterback Michael Karls accompanied head coach J David Miller to Anza, to present the check to Hamilton High head coach Keith Moorman and his football program.)

“The impact of the Coyotes on this school, this community and our football program is significant,” said Coach Moorman. “This is an organization that practices what they preach.”

Earlier this fall, Coach Moorman asked the Palm Springs-based Coyotes to consider traveling 33 miles into the Anza mountains to not only play its games, but also lend support to his budding football program.

The Coyotes answered swiftly. “This fall, the Coyotes will play not only where they are wanted, but where they are needed,” Coach Miller said then.

The Coyotes stadium rent to the Hemet Unified School District is paid in full, but additionally, the team offered to donate half of its gate proceeds and all of its concessions after seeing first-hand the needs of a sequestered school literally starved from traditional high-school funding sources.

“I’ve never heard of any team willing to do what the Coyotes are doing,” said Moorman.

The Coyotes’ non-profit sports leadership football program “runs on the generosity of its supporters and volunteers, and each year, we are blessed to survive one more day, one more week, one more game, one more season,” said head coach J David Miller. “All of us are called to lighten the burdens of others, with whatever means we have.

“Our program is a faith-based organization that doesn’t worship the almighty dollar,” Coach Miller added. “We worship the Almighty. We’ll keep trusting and serving God, and we’re going to trust Him that all our needs, which are considerable, will continue to be met.

“It’s exciting that two football programs are helping one another succeed in Anza and that lives, homes and communities continue to be changed. We can’t wait to see what God will do next. Our kids are excited to get back there on October 4 against the San Diego Thunder and rock Anza and that stadium with faith, family and football.”

The Coyotes, now in their fifth season, are currently 2-1 in the nation’s top-ranked LaBelle Community Football League. The Coyotes are the only AAA team in Southern California whose players do not pay for their participation.

Based in Palm Springs, the Coyotes are the oldest and winningest AAA franchise in the Coachella Valley. In July, ‘The Football Educator,’ operated by former Denver Broncos GM Ted Sundquist, declared the Coyotes ‘America’s #1 Developmental Football Program’ for ‘setting the standard’ in AAA football.

Meanwhile, ticket sales for October 4, “are brisk,” Miller said.

AS A BENCHMARK PROGRAM that raises the competence, conscience, and compassion of its players, the Socal Coyotes declare in their mission statement that they are “advocates and protectors for those less fortunate, challenged or struggling, and passionate about serving as community role models.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION, email [email protected]. To discover more about the SoCal Coyotes, visit www.thesocalcoyotes.com, orhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoCal_Coyotes.

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