The SoCal Coyotes support programs that aid the youth and families of their region, and assist programs that foster cultural diversity, education, family and health.

The Coyotes take special interest in youth programs that encourage education, creativity and development of character. The Coyotes can also help you raise funds to meet your organization’s financial goals.

If your Not-for-Profit group consists of energetic and enthusiastic people who enjoy working with the public and meeting new people, you should be a part of our game day and special events team. We create packaged fundraising opportunities to accommodate organizations both large and small.Coyote splashdown

For more information on our packages please contact Ron DiGrandi, Senior VP Business Development, by phone at 760.285.7073.

 Current Participants.

  • Community Outreach Groups
  • Youth Sports Teams
  • Religious Organizations
  • Fraternities and Sororities


-“The best thing about volunteering with the SoCal Coyotes over the years is the friendships that we have made with parents, instructors and students.”

John Intramural

-“We have been able to award students and assist them in senior class trips, sports activities and summer programs.

-“Working the events with the SoCal Coyotes has been a great experience for us. Not only have we been able to raise money for our hard work, we’ve also been able to have fun doing it at the same time too!

-“Although it’s hard work we made more money in one fall season than we thought would be possible. It beats the heck out of selling candy bars or canning in front of all the stores.”

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