anthonycollage(PALM SPRINGS) – The SoCal Coyotes are back in first place, in the midst of a seven-game win streak, and chasing a fourth championship – and the heartbeat of the secondary again this fall is veteran free safety Anthony Spencer, now in his fourth season.

Spencer’s bone-jarring 15 tackles, two game-killing interceptions, four defensed passes, and one sack underscore an intensity, work ethic and leadership that his Coyotes teammates rely upon. His quiet dignity and professionalism are reflected in every Coyote practice, where he jumps to be the first man up in every drill, and runs out every play to the end of the field.

But it’s off the field – and in his home – where this 26-year-old is turning the heads that matter – bride Kierstin, daughters Jordan (age 7) and Jaxsyn (10 months). Anthony is our first selection in a new series where we ask for ‘10 Things Great Coyote Dads Do.’ Get ready to discover how Coyote dads are juggling the journey of life, in their quest, as Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy describes, to be ‘uncommon men’ in a common world.

Here’s Anthony Spencer’s ‘10 Things Great Coyote Dads Do.’

1. Love their mom. They need to see how much I love her and respect her, in the same way I do for them.

2. Strive to be a man of God. They need to see me reading the Bible, and applying it in my own life.

3. Pray with them. That’s how they learn to build their own relationship with the Lord. It’s my job to teach them to know God.

4. Read and work through life together with them. I read the Bible with them three, four times a week. Jordan and I read other books at least 20 minutes a day. KierstIn and I both help with homework at least an hour a day.

5. Spend play time with them. Get to know the ‘real’ them. We look forward to family time – we go on hikes almost every weekend. We really enjoy the exercise, we love to climb and play on the rocks.

6. Listen and engage with them. I want a genuine relationship with them that will last forever.

7. Make them aware that you are not perfect. I make it clear I have work to do in my own life. I am always striving to become a better parent for them.

8. Right or wrong, I will always be there when they need me.

9. Participate in every activity. I go to dance classes, gymnastics, school dances. If they succeed or fail, I’ll be there. They know they can count on me.

10. Love being Mr. Mom. Be willing to do whatever it takes, whatever needs to be done. I get Jordan ready for school in the morning, make breakfast, make dinner, help out washing the clothes. Most of the time, I cook dinner for the family to give Kierstin a break.

ANY GIVEN MONTH, Anthony Spencer can be found working construction, security and warehousing to support his growing family. He also continues to build out Talent Works, a Moreno Valley-based non-profit that will be a training haven for youth, including camps and clinics, as well as a home for serious athletes and fitness buffs. His vision for Talent Works is now in its third year. Meanwhile, in his ‘spare time’ – Anthony is now just three classes away from completing his degree in business at the University of Redlands.

THE SOCAL COYOTES NON-PROFIT sports leadership organization encourages the development of young leaders through a series of questions: Do you protect the women under your care? Do your children look to you with confidence? Do other men look to you as someone to emulate? Can your community call on you for strength and leadership? Are you a preserver of culture and a champion of society? Are you a man fulfilling your destiny? Are you a man after God’s own heart?

FOR MORE GREAT things that great dads do, we recommend the book 10 Great Things Dads Do – Strategies for Raising Kids, by fathering expert Rick Johnson.

-Brandon O’Neill, VP Program Development. For more information, contact Coyotes Ron DiGrandi, Community Outreach Director, 760.285.7073.

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