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41-0: Darkside Defense Massacres Cal Tide In Coyotes First LCFL Victory


(ANZA) — The ‘Darkside Defense’ of the two-time champion The SoCal Coyotes methodically dismembered the California Tide 41-0 in a mountaintop massacre 7,950 feet above sea level at Anza’s Hamilton High School, that attracted fans from the nearby reservations of the Cahuilla Mountain, Ramona and Santa Rosa Indians.

“We’re thinking of renaming our defense Little Big Horn,” smiled Coyotes head coach J David Miller. “We have tremendous respect for the courage and professionalism of (Tide quarterback) Kyle Parrish, but the last guy who was that out-numbered was Custer.”

The Tide rushed 18 times for six yards, completed six out of 24 passes for 76 more, and managed a whopping three first downs as they endured waves of weapons from the SoCal Coyotes, who won their first LaBelle Community Football League (LCFL) game after stepping up to face the nation’s best league.

Parrish was sacked, smacked and ran for his life, chased by speed-rushers Aaron Davis (55 in photo), and Rafael Lamas, who led all defenders with three solo tackles and one sack.

Linebackers Devin Jones (Houston Texans), Kelvin Cain (University of Miami) and Robert Caldwell (Cleveland Browns) also had sacks and dominated the game.

The Coyote ‘No-Fly Zone’ secondary was hardly mentioned all day — because Tide receivers couldn’t get open in the brief moments Parrish had to throw.

The speed and wingspan of the Coyote linebackers gave Parrish few options. Caldwell, 6-4, Cain, 6-4, and Cade Cowdin (6-3, Utah State) clogged passing lanes, and exploded to the football on swing routes and running plays for little or no gain.

Parrish was not intercepted, but two were dropped.The Tide averaged 21 yards on nine punts.

“It’s difficult to praise a single player on our defense,” said Coyote defensive coordinator Shane Helms. “Every individual success, like a sack, is predicated by great play somewhere else, like the secondary, which was stifling.

“They are so good as a unit because none of them are ‘I, me, mine’ guys. They care about winning. But when we get the film back this morning, everybody’s going to see spectacular individual play that adds up to a great team result.”

To see all of the Coyote-Tide game statistics, download the free GoMobile Coyote YAPP through iTunes or Android Market. Click ‘Game Stats,’ then under recent games, ‘Box Score’ of the Tide and Coyotes.

Dozens of game photos will be released by the team today.

WITH THEIR FIRST LEAGUE WIN AS AN LCFL MEMBER, the Coyotes are 1-0 in league play, and improved to 3-0 overall in 2014. The Coyotes had two similar dominating performances in May, outscoring opponents 61-31.

FOR THE SECOND FALL SEASON, the Coyotes opened with a shutout, after beating the South Bay Spartans 44-0 last August 24, 2013, in a game where Devin Jones set the team record with 16 solo tackles.

To discover more about the SoCal Coyotes organization, visithttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoCal_Coyotes, or www.thesocalcoyotes.com.

–GM Sam Maggio ([email protected])

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