In partnership with Angel Light Academy, the Coyotes’ Junior Leader Training Program is a year-round program that gives leaders in-depth training in leadership skills including character traits, problem solving, communication teambuilding, and service. Junior Leaders meet every six weeks with well-trained volunteer facilitators to learn leadership skills and apply them while doing service in the community. The program is designed to promote leadership, character, and problem solving so that youth can become examples of excellence in all that they do.

Pin Program

The Junior Leaders engage in ongoing learning as they complete Leadership Pins. Each Leadership Pin challenges them to apply their leadership to their interests, explore new topics, and to solve problems in their lives and in their community.

Character & Leadership Pin
Character traits and problem solving are the backbone of the Junior Leader program. Junior Leaders learn to apply character and leadership traits at home, at school, and in the community. They use a simple, effective problem solving model to go beyond their circumstances and create hope for the future./p>

Youth lead by example in all they do as they build self-confidence, create lifelong friendships, learn to make positive decisions, and become responsible and caring citizens.

Sports/Extracurricular Pin
This Leadership Pin helps youth learn to demonstrate leadership, sportsmanship, and good communication while they develop physical fitness and healthy habits. They are encouraged to make positive use of their leisure time and to develop healthy relationships on and off the field.

Education/Academics Pin
Junior Leaders are encouraged to show excellence in school by maintaining good grades, graduating high school on time, and showing character at school.

Junior Leaders are required to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and must seek the help of tutors if their grades drop below this mark.

Academic Excellence is promoted with a Leadership Pin, honoring those who maintain straight A’s or a 4.0+ GPA.

The Arts Pin
Junior Leaders foster their creativity, improve their talents, and build their confidence as they complete this Leadership Pin in the outlet of their choice: Fine Arts, Dramatic Arts, Photography, Cinematic Arts/Film, or Music.

Health and Wellness Pin
This Leadership Pin helps youth develop healthy habits and positive behavior, set goals, and understand the consequences of unhealthy choices. It promotes responsible decision making as they grow into self-sufficient adults.

Career Development Pin

The Career Exploration Leadership Pin encourages Junior Leaders to take a look at various career options, learn important job skills, and develop action plans to move into the careers and jobs they choose.


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