The SoCal Coyotes are a professional Non-Profit Sports Leadership Organization.  To ‘Defend the Shield’ – on and off the field – is a privilege, and every member has zero rights to expect privacy in what they post on social media.
Our players and staff are role models in our communities. Each year, upwards of 30,000 teens and youth are touched by Coyote Leadership Expos, Clinics and Programs, which are led by players and staff. These teens and youth instantly search the Coyotes on social media.
As leaders, you bear an enormous responsibility to represent your teammates, and portray the Coyote organization, in a positive and professional manner at all times. The performance of a team rises and falls on behavior, which must be taught, developed, and reinforced.
Beyond the scrutiny of the Coyotes – be constantly aware that social media can make or break your career, and perhaps your life. It never goes away, regardless of how your viewpoints, relationships, employment or maturity change and evolve. Better fathers, better husbands, better men – often begins at your keyboard.
Press ‘Pause’ Before You Post: If In Doubt, Don’t.
Think. In a sentence – press pause before you post anything, especially emotionally charged thoughts that may include – real or perceived – content that is politically, racially, sexually, or professionally controversial or offensive in nature. Simply put – If in doubt, don’t.
Facebook, Twitter and other social media have exploded in global popularity. Be aware that third parties – – including district attorneys, law enforcement, divorce attorneys, media, coaching staff, college administrators, future employers, referees, and league officials – – easily access your personal information and history.
This includes all pictures, videos, comments and posts. Inappropriate material found by third parties affects the perception of the Coyote mission, our players, and our organization. Passive posts (and even unique searches) long forgotten may turn up years later that prove detrimental to employment, promotions, and career changes or worse, in a court of law.
Examples of inappropriate and offensive behaviors concerning participation in online communities may include depictions or presentations of the following:
• Photos, videos, comments or posters showing the personal use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. As a member of the Coyotes, there can be no pictures of alcohol of any kind, even the holding of cups, cans, shot glasses, etc., or wine glasses. “Now or in the past, do you drink or use drugs?” is a personal question. No one should be able to guess or determine that answer by simply reading your timeline, unless you are in public recovery and it is part of ‘your story.’
• Photos, videos, and comments that are of a sexual nature. This includes links to websites or message boards that contain anything of pornographic nature and/or other inappropriate material.
• Pictures, videos, comments or posters that condone drug-related activity. This includes, but is not limited to, images that portray the personal use of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.
• Content online that is unprofessional, unsportsmanlike, derogatory, demeaning or threatening toward any other individual or entity. (Examples: Profanity, derogatory comments regarding another institution; taunting comments aimed at an athlete, coach or team, or derogatory or unprofessional posts or comments against race and/or gender). You do not speak for the Coyote organization, and you may not post opinions on industry-related message boards. No posts should depict or encourage unacceptable, violent or illegal activities. (Examples: hazing, sexual harassment/assault, gambling, discrimination, fighting, vandalism, academic dishonesty, underage drinking, and illegal drug use).
• Content online that would constitute violations at any level – NCAA, NFL, CFL, Arena (Examples: commenting publicly about other teammates; prospective athletes; providing information related to sports-wagering activities; soliciting impermissible items or benefits).
• Information that is sensitive or personal in nature or is proprietary to the SoCal Coyotes, which is not public information (Examples: tentative or future team schedules, athlete injuries and eligibility status, travel plans/itineraries or even general team information bound by your Coyotes Non-Disclosure Agreement).
If the profile of an athlete or staff member and its contents are found to be inappropriate in accordance with the above behaviors, he/she will be subject to the following penalties:
1. Written warning.
2. A meeting with Athletic Director and Head Coach.
3. Penalties, including but not limited to, possible suspension or expulsion.
For your own safety, please keep the following recommendations in mind as you participate in social media websites:
• Set your security settings so that only your friends can view your profile.
• You should not post your email, home address, local address, telephone number(s), or other personal information as it could lead to unwanted attention, stalking, identity theft, et al.
• Be aware of who you add as a friend to your site – many people are looking to take advantage of their relationship with you to either exploit you or seek connection to others.
• Consider how the above behaviors can be reflected in all Facebook applications. If you are ever in doubt of the appropriateness of your online public material, consider whether it upholds and positively reflects your own values and ethics as well as the SoCal Coyotes.
Your goal should be to always project a positive image, and do nothing that embarrasses yourself, the team, or your family.
By signing below, you affirm that you understand the requirements of the SoCal Coyotes Non-Profit Sports Leadership Organization Social Media Policy and Guidelines. Further, you affirm that failure to adhere to this policy and guidelines may result in consequences that include suspension or expulsion from The SoCal Coyotes organization.
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Printed Name __________________________________________________
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