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America’s #1 Developmental Football Program

The three-time champion SoCal Coyotes are a non-profit sports leadership organization that fields a professional football team.

On July 7, 2014, TheFootballEducator.com, led by two-time Super Bowl winner and former Denver Broncos GM Ted Sundquist, named the SoCal Coyotes “America’s #1 Developmental Football Program.”

Nicknamed “The Pride of the Desert,” the SoCal Coyotes are the oldest pro football franchise in the Coachella Valley and have won more games in their first six seasons of play than any football team in desert history.

The Coyotes are dedicated to “changing the culture” of AAA professional football through player mentoring and development, organizational management and dynamic service to their community.

Based in greater Palm Springs, California, the Coyotes are 2015 AAA Professional Football League champions; 2013 UFAL champions; and 2012 Pac West champions.

The City of Palm Springs officially sponsors and recognizes the SoCal Coyotes as its professional football team.

The Coyote organization viciously ‘Defends the Shield’ of faith, family and football, and has received international acclaim for “building champions by building men.”

Spanning six seasons, more than 300 players have benefited from their developmental program, with many advancing to camps in the National Football League, Canadian Football League and the Arena Football League.

The Coyote Leadership curriculum and their widespread volunteer efforts have impacted churches, schools, civic organizations and communities throughout Southern California.

Defend the Shield: Faith, Family and Football

The Coyote organization places a priority on faith, fatherhood and family values, and were recognized in September 2013 by the Desert Christian News for “building champions by building men.”

Their logo depicts a snarling Coyote ‘defending the shield,’ which represents faith, family and football.

As a non-profit sports leadership organization, the Coyotes are respected for their strict Player Code of Conduct; Head of Household Work Leadership program (HOWL); and widespread community service. Their players are frequent speakers and volunteers in local schools, businesses, churches and charities.

“We have yet to meet a young man whose life is ruined because he prays too much,” says head coach J David Miller.

The team’s published mission statement proclaims that “we see every player as an opportunity to plant a tree under whose shade we never intend to sit. Over six seasons, many championships and now thousands reached, we have addressed different cultures, backgrounds, generations and experiences. As Mother Teresa said, ‘if you can’t feed a million, start by feeding one.’ Among football teams, we are determined to lead the nation in prayer, mentor young men, instill faith-based initiatives in their lives and homes, and challenge them as men.”

Over 2014-15, Coyote players appeared before more than 30,000 students in the Palm Springs Unified School District alone, offering leadership curriculum, motivational coaching clinics, and teaching intramural football.

The Coyotes offer their fans a “Bill of Rights,” which ensures “a wholesome environment for guests and family and an affordable, first-class entertainment experience.”

Head Coach J David Miller

J David Miller is 97-21 career (.882 winning percentage) and 49-10 with the SoCal Coyotes.

Coach Miller is a AAA Hall of Fame coach, best-selling author and award-winning marketing and communications strategist. Miller was named APFL Coach of the Year in 2015 and Southern California Football Alliance 2013 Offensive Coach of the Year. In 2012, he was named the AAA National Coach of the Year.

He has led the Coyotes to six consecutive bowl appearances, three league titles, and a national champion runner-up. Coach Miller has experience at every level of football and his teams have never missed the playoffs.

The AAA Football Hall of Fame made Miller a unanimous ‘Class of 2013′ inductee for his “ongoing 30-year contribution to the sport as an author, administrator and coach.”

Run ‘n’ Shoot Silver Stretch

Relying on mentor Darrel “Mouse” Davis – an NFL and NCAA legend and godfather of the modern spread offense—Miller and the Coyotes have used their vaunted Run ‘n’ Shoot attack to lead four different leagues in total offense.

Miller also clearly draws on his experience with former SMU head coach June Jones, with whom he authored the book, “Hawaii Warrior Football: A Story of Faith, Hope and Redemption,” which four-time Super Bowl winner and former Washington Redskins GM Bobby Beathard calls “required reading for building a winning program.”

Offensively, the Coyotes are a “pure” Run ‘n’ Shoot team, based strictly on the disciplines and concepts of Davis, whose theories date back to 1962. Davis is a frequent consultant to the Coyotes, personally authored the Coyote playbook, and is an occasional visitor to their sidelines.

The Darkside Defense

The Coyotes ‘Darkside Defense’ was developed under former assistant head coach Wayne Anderson Jr. and nicknamed when the team wore all-black uniforms during the winter-spring season of 2013.

The Coyotes have punted only 51 times in six seasons, which puts great pressure on a defense that often lives in the shadow of the Run ‘n’ Shoot. The current ‘Darkside,’ led by new defensive coordinator and assistant head coach Shane Helms, is packed with budding pro stars.

The Coyote Mobile ‘YAPP’

Coyote Mobile ‘Yapp’ is available free on iTunes Store or Android Market by searching ‘SoCal Coyotes.’